World : UAMPS honors power departments with system improvement awards

SALT LAKE CITY — Spring City and Mt. Pleasant power departments recently received System Improvement Awards at the 2017 Member Meeting of the Utah Associated Municipal Power Systems (UAMPS) in Salt Lake City.

The System Improvement Awards recognize UAMPS member utilities for undertaking system upgrades, capital improvements and preventive maintenance measures to modernize facilities, improve system reliability, reduce losses, reduce outage times or improve power quality.

Spring City was recognized for making substantial improvements to its electrical system. The city boosted system performance and reliability by upgrading its voltage from 2,400 volts to 7,200 volts. It rebuilt seven city blocks with new poles, wire and transformers.

The city also installed new LED lights on street lights; completed a new power line to the city hydro plant; significantly upgraded the hydro plant, and retrofitted 20 poles with new bushing and cut-out covers to reduce outages caused by animals and to protect birds of prey.

Mt. Pleasant City Power was recognized for its substantial electrical system improvements. The city continues moving forward with its 10-year upgrade plan adopted in 2015 called the Infrastructure Improvement Initiative.

A major achievement was overhauling Hydro Unit 4 by replacing the wheel and other parts, boosting efficiency by 30 percent. The city also replaced the logic control in the hydro plant and updated the SCADA system, allowing better control and more accurate generation data for each individual hydro unit.

Mt. Pleasant also installed thousands of feet of fiber optic cable to several facilities, improving signals and monitoring and improving cyber security.

Presentations and speeches at the member meeting focused on UAMPS 2017 accomplishments; the challenges facing public power, including new technologies enabling distributed energy generation; regulatory issues; and continued investigation of a small modular nuclear reactor energy project.

UAMPS officers include Board Chair Jackie Flowers, representing Idaho Falls Power; Vice Chair Jason Norlen, representing Heber Light & Power; Secretary Les Williams, representing Beaver City; and Treasurer Dwight Day, representing Oak City.

UAMPS is a joint action agency providing wholesale electricity and electric energy services to 46 public power utility members in six western states. Established in 1980, UAMPS helps its members with planning, financing, development, acquisition, construction, operation and maintenance of various projects for the generation, supply, transmission and management of electric energy.


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