World : Amping up solar

LAWAI — A solar project about twice the size of the Tesla facility is set for Lawai and if all goes according to plan, the array will be delivering power to Kauai’s grid by year’s end.

The project is located on A&B-leased land. AES Distributed Energy owned and maintained equipment will provide 20 megawatts of energy for five hours after sundown for a total of 100 megawatt hours.

“The project will provide 11 percent of Kauai’s electric generation; increasing Kauai Island Utility Cooperative’s renewable sourced generation to close to 60 percent,” said David Bissell, KIUC president.

For comparison, the Tesla facility provides 13 MW for four hours, for a total of 52 MWh.

KIUC will operate the system and buy the power through a fixed purchase power agreement, at 11 cents per kWh.

“The pricing is well below the cost of diesel and will not only provide downward pressure on rates, but also helps us avoid the use of 3.7 million gallons of diesel each year,” Bissell said.


Source :

Smart Grid Bulletin February 2019

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