TrinaBESS successfully completed the first shipment in its ‘Belt and Road Initiative’ project

Aligned with China’s “Belt and Road Initiative”, TrinaBESS has successfully completed its first shipment in the Maldives microgrid project.

The shipment marks yet another TrinaBESS energy storage products producing reliable energy source trusted by Maldives Ministry of Environment and Energy, and further demonstrates TrinaBESS active participation in the “Belt and Road Initiative”.

Maldives is a country which comprises over thousands of islands that are widely spread out which made it impossible to build centralized large power stations and unifying power supply. Currently, individual islands establish its own diesel power plant and over 81 % of the country’s electricity is generated from burning diesel during peak time. To contribute its part on good environmental practices preventing global warming leading to rising sea level, the Maldives government announced its plans to gradually abandon traditional diesel power generation while vigorously develop renewable energy. The shift in the country’s power plans is to target Maldives in becoming the world’s first country to achieve ‘carbon neutral’ by 2020.

As a key solutions provider in renewable energy and energy storage applications, as well as an advocate for green energy adoption, TrinaBESS, together with the Maldives Ministry of Environment and Energy, have relentlessly worked to provide Solar (Photovoltaic) with energy storage systems combination to provide reliable micro-grid solutions for the islands of the Maldives. The project, integrating with existing diesel-powered electricity plants, will dramatically improve the safety, reliability of power supply without sacrificing good environmental practices. With the micro-grid power plant in place, it will take over as the main source of power on the island to provide electricity for residents, hospitals, kindergartens, docks and schools. The solution is poised to solve the problem of living electricity consumption for about 11,000 residents.

“After a series of screening by the Ministry of Environment and Energy Maldives, we were honored to be selected as the energy storage system solution provider for the project. To be able to contribute and play a significant role in Maldives plans to become the first country in the world to achieve ‘carbon neutrality‘ country is a rare privilege” said Frank Qi, General manager of TrinaBESS.“We are able to provide energy control systems on a dozens of islands through the independently developed EMS energy management system. At the same time, SCADA allows us to monitor real-time data based on the island’s meteorology, inverters, combiner boxes, photovoltaic, energy storage and diesel fuel performance, synchronizing the load demand. The smart energy control is expected to deploy the smooth output of energy according to different load demands and power generation from the solar systems due to weather conditions as well. I believe the successful completion of the Maldives project will have a good reference for the smart micro-grid projects of China and across the countries under the ‘Belt and Road Initiative’.”


Source :

Smart Grid Bulletin February 2019

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