World : Uber Expands Smart City Initiatives, Launching A ‘Mobility Lab’ In Cincinnati

As smart cities become a reality, the ridesharing pioneer is furthering its shared mobility ambitions.

Uber has partnered with the city of Cincinnati to launch its “Cincinnati Mobility Lab,” a move aimed at expanding its shared mobility initiatives and using data to make transport in cities more efficient.

With other entities like Dallas Group expanding its smart city programs with major brands like AT&T and Toyota, it’s a decision that makes sense: Connectivity and shared mobility in urban centers is becoming a reality — creating substantial opportunities for citizens as well as marketers. And per Uber’s statement, the company hopes that this long term partnership will “serve as a model for others.”

What does the move entail? For starters, expanding Uber’s data sharing platform, Uber Movement, in Cincinnati; launching a transit study in with local transit agencies TANK and SORTA; and exploring the “curb of the future” by using data to improve urban movement and keep ridesharing vehicles from getting stuck behind double-parked cars.

But expect the company to further its work on autonomous vehicles and connected tech in cities as well: As Uber said in a statement, “technology on its own is not a solution for urban problems — but done right, and in partnership with others, we believe shared mobility has the potential to contribute to a better world for all.”


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Smart Grid Bulletin July 2019

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