World : More Government Microgrid Funding, This Time from Ontario

Ontario awarded US$1.97 million in microgrid funding for three projects Friday, continuing what’s been a significant round of government financial backing in North America this month.

Earlier in February, California selected 10 microgrid projects to receive $51.9 million in grants, and Massachusetts announced $1.05 million in feasibility study funding to be divided among 14 projects.

In Ontario, Solantro Semiconductor won $950,000 for a nanogrid; Opus One Solutions, $870,000 for a community microgrid and ARDA Power $228,000 for a direct-current (DC) microgrid.

The microgrid funding is part of a larger $8.27 million smart grid package that the province dispersed, with awards also going to energy storage, data analytics and grid automation initiatives. Ontario expects the 12 projects to help improve electric delivery, reduce costs and create more than 100 high-tech jobs across the province.

“Through commitments made in our 2017 Long-Term Energy Plan, we will keep Ontario at the tip of the spear when it comes to embracing an innovative, smart and affordable electricity system, while creating good jobs in communities across the province,” said Glenn Thibeault, Ontario’s energy minister.


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Smart Grid Bulletin July 2019

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