World : Origami Energy: upending the idea of energy as a commodity

Flexible energy provider Origami Energy has referred to the traditional model of selling power as a commodity rather than a service as a turkey voting for Christmas. Patrick Kingsland spoke to the company’s head of strategy and innovation, Alex Howard, about the value of real-time energy control and why utilities must re-invent their business models.

Two big transformations are simultaneously taking place in today’s energy sector, Alex Howard, head of strategy and innovation at Origami Energy, said in a speech at last year’s Ecosummit conference in London, UK. According to Howard, the transition from brown to green energy and the growth of sophisticated sensor, communication and data processing technologies are the key movements in the modern industry.

Origami Energy, a start-up company based in Cambridge, aims to bridge these two worlds through a distributed energy technology platform. With the transition to renewable energy expected to increase volatility in electricity grid systems, Origami Energy believes technology such as this will be the key to an efficient, cheap and secure green energy future.


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Smart Grid Bulletin July 2019

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