World : Industry survey yields interesting results – African Utility Week

An industry survey from the African Utility Week indicates that energy, power and water sector professionals are excited by solar PV, technology innovation and distributed generation but view corruption as the biggest challenge.


Solar PV is overwhelmingly seen as the most promising generation source for Africa while corruption, skills gaps and access to finance are some of the biggest challenges that power and water professionals face in their industries. This is according to a survey by the organisers of African Utility Week amongst attendees of the annual event in Cape Town last year.

Other questions in the survey included what respondents think will have the biggest impact on the energy and water sectors, what future technology excites them and what the biggest challenges are that they face in their industry.

Of the 834 people surveyed, 696 are South African (71%), 199 are from 24 other African countries (63 Kenyan, 85 Nigerian) and 40 from the rest of the world, including Europe, USA, China, India and Canada.


Source :

Smart Grid Bulletin July 2019

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