World : Scotland produces record amount of energy from renewables as green schemes generate two-thirds of electricity

Nation beats rest of UK with 68.1 per cent of energy needs met without fossil fuels

Scotland has become a world leader in sourcing its electricity from renewables, after a record year in 2017 for creating eco-friendly energy, figures show.

The nation got more than two-thirds – 68.1 per cent – of its electricity from green schemes last year – an increase of 26 per cent on the year before.

The figure was a rise of 14.1 percentage points from the 54 per cent reached in 2016.

Scottish government officials said it was 45 percentage points higher than the equivalent figure for the rest of the UK.

Wind generation increased by 34 per cent and hydro by 9 per cent last year.

Energy minister Paul Wheelhouse said: “These figures show that Scotland’s renewable energy sector is stronger than ever.” Scotland has a number of projects still to be constructed, he added.

It is believed the new statistics make Scotland one of the world’s top countries for providing its own electricity by sources avoiding fossil fuels, which accelerate climate change when burnt. 

There is a difference between the amount of renewable electricity a country generates and the percentage of renewables it consumes, because many governments export and import energy.


Source :

Smart Grid Bulletin July 2019

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