Electric vehicles and smart meters combine to make a mobile powerplant

We know that electric cars can act as a mobile battery by discharging energy back into the grid.

When plugged in during peak demand times, it helps reduce high electricity prices and smooth out power spikes.

But what if real-time data and artificial intelligence allowed us to follow and predict price movements to see when the price may be high and act accordingly? That's what's now on the cards.

Typically, when the majority of people get home on a work day they switch on their lights, TVs and appliances; this extra demand for power starts the push towards peak periods when the load is at its highest.

Electric vehicles (EVs) were expected to add to this power demand by recharging from the moment their owners got home – at the height of the peak period – but smart meters and AI could now use electricity pricing data to decide when to send energy from the vehicle to the grid, and vice versa.


Source : https://www.smh.com.au/business/the-economy/electric-vehicles-and-smart-meters-combine-to-make-a-mobile-powerplant-20180329-p4z6yc.html

Smart Grid Bulletin July 2019

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