Microgrid Technology Market 2017: Report Highlights the Competitive Scenario with Impact of Drivers and Challenges 2025

Microgrid Technology Market

Microgrid conflict with traditional electrical dispersion systems as it exhibits close adjacency amidst power consumer and power generation source. Microgrid is collection of localized parts of electricity sources, power users and smart distribution mechanism that interoperates through control and software based intelligence systems. It is contemporary miniature of electricity system that is applied in the generation, distribution and regulation of the electrical power flow.  It involves multiple loads and distributed energy sources that empowers interconnection with other electrical grids as well as parallel power generation environment. Microgrids improves efficiency of energy cascade utilization, can serve as effective reciprocal of power grid and enhances the reliability of power supply and power quality. Microgrids can be used to generate power from both renewable and non-renewable energy sources.


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