Areas for smart grid installation selected in San Antonio

Areas for smart grid installation selected in San Antonio

CPS Energy has selected the first four areas of San Antonio that will receive smart meters as part of a $290 million Smart Grid Initiative.
The areas were chosen for a variety of considerations and include sections of northwest, north central, south central and downtown.

The northwest area covers a section outside of Loop 410 and inside Loop 1604 between Bandera Road and Ellison Drive. The North central section includes the area inside Loop 410 and east of Hwy 281. The South section is between Malone Street and Military Drive.

In a post on its website, CPS said the selected areas contain some of the cities oldest meters and saw the largest number of estimated bills last summer.
Installation will begin in August, and continue through 2018, when all 740,000 electric meters and 360,000 gas meters in the city will be replaced or upgraded.
The areas selected for installation was presented to the CPS Energy Board of Trustees at their monthly meeting on April 28th.

CPS is San Antonios publicly-owned utility company.

Source: San Antonio Business Journal

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