Whangarei becomes NZ's first city with fast charger for electric cars

Whangarei becomes NZ's first city with fast charger for electric cars

Moves are underway to boost the low number of electric vehicles on our roads, with the country's first fast charger available from today.
The uptake of electric cars has been slow, with fewer than 200 on the nation's roads.
It's believed that's because of high price tags and fears of getting stranded with nowhere to charge up.

Electric car owner Steve West says it has been a real issue.
"If we want to take a road trip, if we want to drive to Whangarei for the weekend, we have no choice but to take a petrol car and burn fossil fuels," Mr West said.

But that could now change with the country's first ultra fast electric charger in Whangarei.
For the foreseeable future, the charger will be free to use, with the fast charger capable of providing 80 per cent charge capacity within 30 minutes.
The standard charger takes closer to eight hours for a full charge.
The industry group wants more Kiwis using electric cars, so it's trying to change perceptions.
"The price situation is changing dramatically at the moment and it's really cool, there's a lot of used electric vehicles coming into New Zealand now for under thirty thousand dollars," Promotion of Electric Vehicles Executive Director Rob Mcewan said.

Dealers say more plug in vehicles are selling and better technology means batteries last longer.
"We've just launched this new model and we've already sold seventy of these," Mitsubishi Motors National Fleet Sales Manager Tony Johnston said.
"If you look back you'd be lucky if the sales of electric vehicles were one or two a month. We sold forty last month and thirty the month before."
While the price tag can be high, there are cost benefits in driving electric cars.
An electric car or hybrid car could save you about $2,000 a year in energy costs.
Dealers want to see more fast charges made available, and If we follow global trends there could be seventy thousand electric vehicles on our roads by 2020.

Source: One News

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