Electric Vehicle : Artem Energy To Develop Electric Scooter ‘Artem M9

Homegrown electric vehicle manufacturer Artem Energy Future has announced its plans to develop an electric scooter named ‘Artem M9’ that will have on-board fast charger and can also be charged by swapping batteries.

Artem M9 will be the equipped with advanced driver-assistance systems, previously seen only in luxury cars, and will run at a maximum speed of 90 km/hour with a range of 100 kms per charge, the company said in a release.

The company is in the process of raising Series A round of investment and plans to have three such scooters in the portfolio over the next five years. The M9 will be followed by the M9-A and a mid-mass market scooter, the M6, the release said.

Source : https://inc42.com/buzz/electric-vehicles-this-week-gurugram-and-hyderabad-goes-ev-savvy-byd-to-set-up-manufacturing-plant-and-more/

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