SWIM.AI Partners with Itron to Drive Smart City Applications

The smart city partnership between the two firms will drive new applications for technologies typically designed to meter water and power.


Real-time analytics deployed at the network edge are about to play a significant role in accelerating the implementation of a variety of Internet of Things (IoT) projects within so-called smart cities.

SWIM.AI, a provider of an EDX platform for processing analytics in real time, has partnered with Itron, Inc., a provider of an IoT router used widely by utilities to meter energy and water. Itron claims to have already deployed over 200 million IoT routers.

Itron will initially work with its customers to deploy the EDX platform to predict consumption of electricity and water to enable local utilities to optimally manage limited resources, says SWIM.AI CTO Simon Crosby. But the use cases for the company’s IoT router will continue to expand across a variety of smarter cities scenarios, predicts Crosby.

The alliance with Itron comes on the heels of SWIM.AI existing stealth last month. The EDX platform enables IT organizations to apply machine learning algorithms and other forms of artificial intelligence directly against data being collected at the edge of the network. That data can then be used to, for example, construct a digital twin alongside a physical machine or process. Technicians or analysts can then compare that digital twin to determine how the process should optimally run.


Source : https://www.rtinsights.com/swim-ai-partners-with-itron-to-drive-smart-city-applications/

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