World : Singapore plans smart city to run driverless electric cars

Singapore has planned to set up a pilot city on an island where it will run driverless electric cars, trucks and buses in a bid to switch from gasoline and diesel to ensure clean environment and fuel savings.

To implement the plan, the government of Singapore has allocated a piece of land to the Energy Research Institute in Semaku island. Until now, power producers have been dumping waste on the island.

“This will be a test case to run cars, buses and trucks without drivers in a city planned on an Island,” said Dr Anshuman Tripathi, Programme Director Future Mobility System Energy Research Institute Singapore, while talking to The Express Tribune.

Tripathi revealed that the project was being launched in partnership with the Singaporean government. Eleven smart grids have been set up on the island and first phase will be completed next year. Investors will also be invited to pour money into this project.

He said the regulatory body of Singapore would issue licences to different companies for running their transport services in the island.

Around 27 driverless buses are already running in the port area, but it is difficult to run these vehicles as public transport in other parts for fear of accidents.

Separately, addressing an international conference on Innovative Smart Grid Technologies (ISGT Asia 2018), sponsored by the IEEE Power & Energy Society, Tripathi said clean transport connectivity was the main theme behind electrifying the vehicles.

However, there were some challenges like how small grids would afford the withdrawal of electricity. Car manufacturers, he said, would also face problems as some cars would have slow charging batteries while others would have fast charging batteries.


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Smart Grid Bulletin July 2019

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