World : ISGF Member ABB launches fault management for ring networks

ABB launched a new ABB Ability solution for fast ring network reconfiguration and fault management, the firm said yesterday [EDITOR'S NOTE: Ring networks are used in power distribution to help secure reliability for critical services that cannot afford to lose power by allowing multiple feeders on a single ring circuit, according to reputable sources we checked]. The ABB Ability loop control for distribution networks (LC1000 UniSec) helps detect and isolate faults in power networks within less than a second, ensuring uninterrupted power supply to wherever it is needed.

The device was designed for critical applications where blackouts would cause severe problems and considerable costs. For example, where a blackout could jeopardize health or safety and cause service disruptions in hospitals, airports, subways, data centers, and water supplies.

In industry, power failures disrupt production, which results in expensive losses. ABB Ability is ABB's unified, cross-industry, digital offering, which lets customers increase productivity and lower costs, it added.

The new solution restores power very fast. When using motor-operated switch-disconnectors in the MV switchgear in ring networks, the solution detects and isolates a fault in less than a second. But if the switchgear is equipped with a circuit-breaker and current and voltage combi sensors, the detection and isolation of the fault is even faster: less than half a second, the firm said.

"Ever-increasing demands on grid reliability and the growing amount of distributed generation makes it vital to introduce new solutions that optimize the use of communication technology," said Marco Tellarini, global product group manager in ABB's distribution solutions business within the electrification products division, in prepared remarks. "The LC1000 UniSec solution meets the most stringent reliability and post-fault recovery requirements, with its ability to reconfigure the network very quickly after a fault occurs, resulting in improved reliability of the power system."

The device uses ABB's advanced protection and control technology in the Relion relays that are integrated into the UniSec switchgear. These smart devices use the power of GOOSE (Generic Object Oriented Substation Event) communication of the IEC 61850 protocol to detect and instantly message one another to eliminate faults in the network, the firm said.


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Smart Grid Bulletin February 2019

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