World : PMRF solar project approved

A new solar facility has just been approved by the Public Utilities Commission at Pacific Missile Range Facility, one that will produce enough power to energize 6,000 homes and displace 2.8 million gallons of diesel annually.

It’s the third battery storage project undertaken by Kauai Island Electric Cooperative since 2015 and the addition of that facility should propel Kauai to 70 percent renewable generation by the end of 2019.

“These storage projects are moving us rapidly closer to our renewable goals. By the end of 2019, KIUC will be able to supply roughly 65 percent of Kauai’s night time peak load with stored solar generated energy. To be able to accomplish this in a cost effective manner was just a dream a few years ago,” said KIUC CEO David Bissell.

He continued: “The partnerships between KIUC’s engineers and those of some of the best renewable energy companies in the world is making the impossible a reality.”

In early 2017, KIUC and Tesla opened the world’s first utility-scale solar plus storage facility in Kapaia. The Tesla plant is now storing up to 52 MWh of energy on a daily basis, which is primarily dispatched to the grid during the evening peak demand period.

In February, AES broke ground on KIUC’s second solar plus battery project in Lawai. Scheduled to be operational by the end of this year, the Lawai facility consists of 28 MW solar photovoltaic and a 20 MW five-hour duration energy storage system.


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Smart Grid Bulletin February 2019

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