World : Digitisation set to transform energy transmission and distribution in Africa

As Africa faces emerging opportunities to help deliver efficient, affordable and reliable electricity to consumers, GE Power released a whitepaper on the Digitisation of Energy Transmission & Distribution in Africa.

The paper explores the opportunities and challenges faced in sub-Saharan Africa as the new future of energy and electrification emerges.

The paper also looks at the role of smart technology to transform grids as they continue to reflect the changes in the way energy is generated, distributed, traded, managed and stored.

The whitepaper presents several challenges that affect energy access and power supply stability in Africa. 

They include inadequate power generation but more significantly, low levels of electrification caused primarily by faulty, aged or wrong setup of transmission and distribution infrastructure.

The whitepaper has been co-authored by the strategic marketing unit of GE Power in sub-Saharan Africa, and energy & environment research analysts of Frost & Sullivan.


Source :

Smart Grid Bulletin July 2019

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