World : Renewable Energy Deployment in Latin America

In the framework of the OLADE Experts Meeting, IRENA and OLADE will jointly organize a workshop focused on opportunities for accelerating the energy transformation in Latin America. The meeting will highlight the major trends in the renewable energy sector in the region, and allow countries to share experiences on barriers and solutions to deploying renewables, particularly in the areas of renewable energy power purchase agreements and project financing. In addition, the workshop will provide a platform for policymakers and stakeholders to discuss potential areas of further collaboration between IRENA and the region.

This joint workshop aims to:

  • Identify the main opportunities in the region for scaling-up renewable energy deployment;
  • Highlight key trends in renewable energy policy, regulation and finance;
  • Discuss the role of renewable energy PPAs in Latin America, and the key design elements of bankable PPAs for solar and wind energy;
  • Prioritise future areas of support from IRENA in the region


Source :

Smart Grid Bulletin July 2019

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