World : New water distribution center announced for Parchment and Cooper Twp

he distribution center for the Parchment water response is now at the Haven Reformed Church, instead of Parchment High School.

Cases of water are given out to residents every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday from 2:00 p.m.  to 7:00 p.m.

“Typically each family was given two cases of water, but now we are giving out 4 cases so people can have enough water when don’t have water distribution,” said State Senator Margarete O’Brien.

People say the process is easy. They just drive up and get the water.

“It’s been really great,” said Jon Doorlag, of Cooper Township. “Most of the time when we need water they get us in and get us out. They help load it up, it’s always been available when we’ve needed it.”

They go through around 1500 cases a day at this distribution site.

“You don’t realize how much water you actually need until you don’t have it available to you in your tap,” said Jon.

A state of emergency was declared for parchment and part of Cooper Township after PFAS contamination was found in area wells.

On Friday, the Michigan DEQ announced that testing for contaminated wells in Richland Township will be expanded.

“We are being very cautious in ensuring that everyone has clean, safe drinking water,” said Senator O’Brien. “We don’t want to lift an order and have any concerns with the water. That’s why we are going another week. We don’t yet know when the end date will be but it will be once we are confident and assured that people will have safe clean drink.”

The Red Cross has been in Parchment since July 30th doing everything they can to help out.

Volunteers say most residents are handling the water situation well.

“They’ve been fine, “said Nancy Kowalski, of the Red Cross. They wish it wasn’t the situation that it is. But we’ve been joking around with them and they’ve been cool. They really are good people, they’re very good people.”

Health officials continue to test and analyze the water flowing through parchment municipal water system PFAS.

They’re anticipating results as early as on Monday.

No word yet on when the drinking water ban could be lifted for Parchment and Cooper Township.


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Smart Grid Bulletin July 2019

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