World : Under the smart city umbrella changing the IoT drives greater efficiency

On the final day of Information Age's Smart City Month, Patrick van Eijk from Semtech looks at the potential of LoRaWAN IoT systems

Smart cities are evolving globally to deliver more efficient use of urban resources and to improve the life experience in populous urban landscapes.

Facing similar challenges, CTOs and technology leaders are also looking for technology to sharpen their competitive operating advantages. But what can really help companies to fit under the umbrella of the transformation from urban city to smart city?

Smart city IoT

One of the key considerations for CTOs is the impact of the ongoing evolution in the Internet of Things (IoT). From IoT applications using wired or short-range wireless sensors, a long-range alternative can now connect power-efficiently to thousands of wireless sensors located at up to 30 kilometers away. Such an IoT system, based on the LoRa Wide Area Network (LoRaWAN), can communicate the sensor data through a single gateway for cloud-based analysis. The resulting hard metrics can then be accessed by business leaders and users to support real-time decision making.

Smart Grid Bulletin July 2019

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