World : Organisations to reap big benefits from mobility management and relocation services

In today’s data-driven digital world, multinational corporations, as well as startups, are rapidly expanding their business operations across global markets. This expansion spree undertaken by organisations the world over has enabled the permeation of thought-systems and cultures across multiple geographies. Organisations are increasingly adopting a non-linear strategy to enable their workforce to engage in a dynamic and engaging work environment, which can help boost innovation and productivity. Not only this, this process of cross-culture pollination enables greater sharing of knowledge, fosters efficient collaborations, diversifies skill-sets, and results in holistic development for individuals as well as enterprises.

However, this process of mobilising and relocating to distant lands with unfamiliar cultural understandings presents a spectrum of challenges along with compelling opportunities. This reflects an emerging need gap that mandates the intervention of the mobility and relocation sector to assist globally-moving professionals to feel at home and work effectively across borders.


Source :

Smart Grid Bulletin July 2019

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