World : Ultratech Cement joins EP100 to double energy productivity

UltraTech Cement in a note shared on Friday, announced that it will join EP100, a global leadership initiative bringing together a growing group of energy-smart companies. The cement company explained that becoming a member of EP100 was synonymous with its commitment to driving sustainability across its value chain and accelerating business growth. By becoming a member of EP100, UltraTech has committed to double its energy productivity. Improvement of energy performance is one of the critical levers for UltraTech to reduce the carbon intensity of its operations, said the company in a note.

This will also provide a strategic boost to UltraTech's low carbon growth target of reducing carbon intensity by 25% by 2021 (2005 baseline). K K Maheshwari, Managing Director at UltraTech Cement Limited said, "UltraTech Cement has always been at the forefront in adopting sustainable processes in its business operations. The Company has some of the best performing plants on energy metrics across the world." "As a responsible organisation, we realised the need for further substantial improvements in energy productivity. Our membership of EP100, we believe, will play a catalytic role in helping us accelerate towards doubling our energy productivity, which is a key strategic lever to achieve sustainable business growth."   Helen Clarkson, CEO, The Climate Group, said, "Its hugely encouraging to see UltraTech, one of the leading cement producers globally, step up on energy efficiency – this is a win-win for emissions reduction and business growth. We need to see many more cement companies and other large energy users in hard-to-abate sectors follow UltraTech's lead."


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Smart Grid Bulletin July 2019

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