World : Dutch company is at the forefront of battery storage R&D

Energy management company Lithium Werks, known for its Nanophosphate Cells and its smart lithium-ion modules, is merging with fellow lithium battery developer and producer Super B. The company is also building a clean energy R&D center at Twente Airport.

Earlier this month, with the merger of Lithium Werks and Super B, a new global company - Lithium Werks BV - serving over 1,000 customers in nearly 50 countries was formed. With more than 400 patents for lithium technology, the company is a leading player when it comes to technical know-how.Earlier this year, Lithium Werks acquired the assets of the former Valence Technology, Inc, and the Industrial business of A123 Systems, LLC. So basically, the new Dutch company Lithium Werks B.V. is a joint force between a leading cell supplier, offering high-quality Nanophosphate™ Cells, and two A-brand battery system suppliers: Valence and Super B.“Our strategic partnership has evolved. We now know that the best way for us to meet our customers’ growing demand for portable power solutions is to join forces,” said T. Joseph Fisher III, CEO, and co-founder of Lithium Werks.Super B’s chief executive Henk Kleef said: “The strong brand positions of both Valence and Super B for battery systems enables the development and expansion of the new Lithium Werks organization.

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Smart Grid Bulletin July 2019

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