World : This machine could turn your power walking into usable energy

Imagine your body as a human battery. When you walk or run — or do something even slower, like type — you create energy which keeps your smartphone, smartwatch, medical sensor, or other low-power device going. The faster you move, the more electricity you generate. Sound far-fetched? It may be closer than you think.

Such an innovation — which scientists predict could become reality within three years — comes from a device known as a triboelectric nanogenerator, or TENG, which is capable of capturing kinetic energy from human movements, as well as from other non-human energy sources, such as wind, wave, and machine vibrations. A TENG relies on the contact between two or more materials to produce electricity.

“We all have experienced that a balloon rubbed on our hair can [stick] to a wall or attract small pieces of papers,” said Ishara Dharmasena, a doctoral student at the University of Surrey, and lead scientist on the project. “Our clothing tends to stick to our skin on a dry day. We all have experienced lightening. All these are due to the triboelectric effect, or static charging. TENGs use the triboelectric effect to transform the movements…into electricity.”


Source :

Smart Grid Bulletin February 2019

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