India : Is Blockchain a good solution to improve safety and mobility?

Mobility in recent times has seen a big upheaval with app-based ride hailing companies. Blockchain is the technology buzzword often compared to the disruptive power of the internet. Do these two trendsetters intersect? 

A few striking features of these topics are: In Blockchain/Smart contracts technology appealing features are its self-regulatory framework, legally binding transactions, and information immutability. In cab mobility, they are dynamic pricing, driver owned cabs and the app-driven service framework.

The recent passenger incidents in cabs have put ride-hailing companies on a back foot. The issues were mostly driver related and in many cases drivers had prior issues. The lack of information sharing in driver incidents across cab companies makes the matter more severe. Is there a solution? Would blocking drivers at the hint of an incident help? Should passengers be able to decide drivers based on a rating? Should driver assignment include factors like ride timings, location, and passenger gender?

Is Blockchain a good solution to improve safety? Yes. Blockchain is a shared and distributed database. In this self-managed model information updates on drivers and vehicles would be near real-time. By using voice/ facial signatures/VIN there is a uniqueness of driver/vehicle records and by using private/public key concepts there is authenticity of updates. Every trip’s driver assignment can be validated real-time against the Blockchain database. 

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Smart Grid Bulletin February 2019

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