India : This Hyd startup wants to help municipalities manage water supply, reduce wastage

Smarterra, based out of T-Hub, helps track and predict failures in water distribution to improve operational efficiency and improve environmental and citizen service outcomes.

Six hundred people in India face high to extreme water stress, according to a Niti Aayog report. India ranks 120th amongst 122 countries in the water quality index and 70% of its water is contaminated.

Even at a time when water is a scarce resource, cities like Bengaluru and Hyderabad have Non-Revenue Water (NRW) of about 30%–40%. This is water that is either being lost in leaks in the water supply network or is being tapped off illegally. As a result, water, which is already scarce in these cities, is being wasted.

Given the scarcity of water and limited available resources, the government too has acknowledged that sustainable management of water resources is of ‘critical importance’.

Realising this challenge, Hyderabad-based Gokul Krishna saw the need for a solution to help municipalities manage their water supply network – right from the operations of a treatment plant to managing the distribution network, maintaining it and the various components of this vast network.

“Quite a lot of the smaller cities and towns haven’t even transitioned from data gathering using pen and paper. The data is meticulously collected but in paper registers and there is no way that this data can be analysed immediately to help decision-making. None of this data is available to citizens to ensure transparency and equitable service,” Gokul says.

In order to address the challenge of towns and municipalities in India needing a solution to manage their water supply Gokul founded Smartterra.

“Say a collector wants to know how much water was supplied to a particular neighbourhood – what was the demand-supply gap, what were the complaints, what were the maintenance issues and what the challenges are, we are building a water management platform to digitalise all information in terms of operations, maintenance and quality,” he adds.

Cloud-based model

Smartterra is a platform with advanced geospatial intelligence for municipalities to manage the full cycle of water distribution. It helps track maintenance and predict failures to improve operational efficiency while improving environmental and citizen service outcomes.

The startup, which is part of Hyderabad-based startup engine T-Hub's flagship Lab 32 program, is building a cloud-based model with water network-related demographic and geospatial details of the town, where all the data coming in from the field doesn’t sit in the system but gives comprehensive analyses and information, by the metre.


Source :

Smart Grid Bulletin February 2019

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