Electric Grid will soon evolve into an even smarter “Grid of Things” - President, India Smart Grid Forum interview with Infraline

The traditional grid was only electricity generation plant, transmission and distribution equipment and the energy meter at customer premises. What happened behind the meter was not a concern for the utility. However, with the share of intermittent distribution energy resources expanding rapidly, grid balancing is becoming a major challenge. Utilities now need to worry about Behind-the-meter equipment and activities, and need to monitor and control them, which requires a two-way communication facility.

The evolving grid will be a network of all smart communicable things plugged on to the grid - “grid of things” like internet is evolving as “internet of all things”, President, India Smart Grid Forum (ISGF), Mr. Reji Pillai shares in an interview with Subash Deb, Deputy Editor of Infraline Plus. Mr. Pillai, who is also the chairman of the Global Smart Grid Federation, says India’s entire smart meter roll-out could be delayed by few years, besides pointing out that supplying 24x7 quality power to all customers remains a bigger challenge in India. He also talks about ISGF’s mandate, milestones in recent years, etc.


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Smart Grid Bulletin July 2019

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