Shifting focus to smart meters : Mr. Reji Kumar Pillai interview with EPR

“Smart metering and advanced analytics solutions could improve not only the energy accounting”

Reji Kumar Pillai, President – India Smart Grid Forum, still believes that there is a lot left to be done before India can say “We are a surplus country”. He discusses the intense need for smart meters the entire distribution operations of a utility.

Global vs India’s power transformation 
Globally, the power utilities are undergoing major transformation. With distributed generation and mainstreaming of renewables, electric utilities are at the threshold of a paradigm change. Energy storage, electric vehicles, smart microgrids and digitalisation are changing the structure and operational dynamics of the utilities. However, India is still struggling with mundane issues of access, availability and network losses. Nothing has changed structurally in the power sector during the last ten years except the increased focus on renewable energy and its cost coming down.


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Smart Grid Bulletin July 2019

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