World : HERE Urban Mobility Index determines preparedness of cities for changing mobility patterns

HERE has launched a new Urban Mobility Index that assesses the mobility of leading cities and tells us about the infrastructural preparedness of the cities for the future. It provides policymakers and transportation experts with a detailed view of the transportation capability and patterns of the city. In the age of interconnected technological advances in the modes of transportation, mobility will be the lifeline of a city.

HERE Urban Mobility Index provides an overview of mobility across more than 35 of the world’s major cities. The index is based on 4 parameters: Connectivity, affordability, Sustainability and Innovation.

Connectivity index focusses on public transport frequency, efficiency and congestion. Public transport efficiency takes into account the areas in a city that are well connected to public transport and areas with poor connectivity. The gap is mostly due to economic differences or commercial activities in the area.

Sustainability parameter monitors greenspaces in a city and low emission zones. The percentage of a city area that is covered by greenspaces is calculated.

Affordability is the cost of tickets of public transport as compared to the percentage of average income in the countries.


Source :

Smart Grid Bulletin February 2019

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