World : Tesla’s new Megapack to debut at giant energy storage project in California

Electrek has learned some exclusive information about Tesla’s Megapack, the company’s upcoming new stationary energy storage product.

The big new battery system is going to debut at Tesla’s giant 1.2 GWh energy storage project with PG&E in California.

Tesla Megapack

As we reported earlier this year, Tesla is working on a new energy storage system called ‘Megapack’.

Not much was known about the product at the time.

Electrek can now confirm that it’s a large container-size energy storage system that Tesla plans to debut in its upcoming project commissioned by PG&E at the Moss Landing substation.

We obtained Tesla’s proposal for the project and it shows that the company plans to use ‘Megapack’ instead of its usual Powerpack for large utility-scale projects.

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