World : Clean power for data centres

As big data, digital content, and e-commerce continue to drive explosive growth in power demand for data centres, it is crucial to understand the reliability and sustainability of power supplied to these facilities, writes Pritil Gunjan.


Data centre infrastructures are likely to become more distributed as edge computing gains momentum. Regionally dispersed smaller and microdata centres are poised to become more commonplace, which creates a need for onsite power generation technologies for these facilities. Increasing demand to deploy clean energy sources has led to renewed interest in corporate renewable power purchase agreements.

Clean energy sourced from utilities and independent power producers varies widely across regions, however, and may include a considerable proportion of electricity generated by plants that use fossil fuel. Therefore, the perceived benefits of distributed energy resources (DER like gensets, wind, and solar PV) for both primary and critical power supply are gaining attention amongst data centre operators.

Procurement issues

Defining a clean power generation model enables data centres to address two ongoing power procurement issues:

  • It can dramatically improve the reliability and stability of power across geographies, especially in regions of poor grid infrastructure.
  • It can minimise dependence on fossil fuels while restricting greenhouse gas emissions.


Source :

Smart Grid Bulletin February 2019

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