IIT students make electric racing car

IIT students make electric racing car

Students at the Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay, have made a fully battery-powered racing car that can reach a top speed of 100 kmph. The Reva, Indias electric car, has a top speed of 80 kmph.
Named EVo 3.0, it will compete at an inter-university car race to be held at the legendary Silverstone racing circuit in the UK in mid-June.

Launched on Sunday, the EVo 3.0 weighs 250 kg and is powered by a set of lithium ion batteries. Members of the team that made the car said that it clocks 0 to 100 kmph in only 4 seconds. It looks like a condensed form of the F1 racing car.

Siddhesh Sakhalkar, captain of the racing team, said, We used carbon fibre wherever possible to keep the weight down. The steering wheel and some part of the chassis have been made with carbon fibre. Electronic gears also help keep it light.

These cars will be judged by various parameters, such as speed, aerodynamics, suspension systems, cost etc.

IIT-B student Abhishek Thote who oversees operations at the racing team, said, We had built two previous versions of this car, and this is the third generation, and has been a massive improvement.

Sakhalkar says European universities, most of which are sending their racing teams, are much better funded and more experienced. For example, all of the chassis of their cars are made of carbon fibre, which makes their vehicles 50 kilograms lighter than ours and with better aerodynamics. But we at least hope to break into the top 20 this year, up from our 50th position last year.

 The IIT car has been funded by the IIT-B along with some corporate sponsors. The cost, though, is a secret. Going by the fact that Reva sells at Rs 3.5 lakh, the Evo 3.0 could cost at least twice as much.

Source: The Free Press Journal

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