World : German Startup Devises Eco-Friendly Energy-Efficient Miners

Azultec is a company that has been researching current mining solutions as part of its project to create an efficient alternative with high computing power and low energy consumption. Its Cube devices are silent mining rigs that can be installed in living rooms. The miners can also use renewable energy and are designed to reuse over two thirds of the generated heat.

Mining equipment manufacturing has been an industry long dominated by giants such as Bitmain, Ebang, and Canaan. But every once in a while, a smaller business comes up with a less powerful but nevertheless empowering offering. German-based Azultec is less focused on industrial-grade clients, with its devices designed for the domestic market.

The mining rigs the company makes are assembled using specially adapted graphics processing units (GPUs). The developers of the all-in-one concept have attempted to avoid issues that have plagued traditional mining hardware and have put forward solutions that make their equipment suitable for a regular living room or server room.

Azultec’s devices utilize high-end custom-built water cooling systems designed for personal computers. They can be installed in homes or in warehouses and connected to photovoltaic systems or fuel cells to reduce energy costs. The mining machines are also capable of repurposing up to 72 percent of the heat generated by the hardware.

Cube 300, the mid-range configuration, is equipped with eight Nvidia GTX 1070 graphic cards, 2TB HDD memory and 4GB DDR4 of RAM. Its power consumption is about 1450W. Cube 400, which is Azultec’s high-end consumer-grade miner, comes with 8 Nvidia GTX 1080 cards, 2TB HDD and 4GB DDR4 RAM memory. It has a power rating of less than 2000W.

The components in both rigs are water-cooled to ensure operation under optimal conditions. The product page doesn’t say what cryptocurrencies these rigs are designed to mine, but in general, video cards are more suitable for altcoins such as ethereum rather than bitcoin, which requires much more computing power and electrical energy. The first generation of the Cubes will be released in the first quarter of 2019.

Another of Azultec’s products, Wizard Machine 300, is an entry-level industrial solution for cloud computing and mining. The device is developed for 19-inch server racks and can be used by enterprises that need to utilize excess energy such as windparks. The liquid-cooled server is built to enhance CGI rendering performance and it comes with eight Nvidia GTX 1070 GPUs and 64GB of RAM hosted on a single motherboard to reduce the number of used components.


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