India’s first Natural Ester filled distribution transformer to come up in Mumbai

Indias first Natural Ester filled distribution transformer to come up in Mumbai

The introduction of Natural Ester filled distribution transformers across the Mumbai distribution area was announced by Tata Power recently. The aim of introducing these green and fire safe installations is to ensure safe and sustainable distribution of electricity.

The Natural Esters fluids have a high fire point (350 degree Celsius) and eliminate any risk of pool fires in the electrical installation as they are self-extinguishing. In comparison to the conventional mineral oil filled distribution transformers, this fluid provides improved fire safety for the densely populated areas within Tata Powers service area. The fluid is made from a carbon neutral renewable resource, is biodegradable, non-toxic and non-hazardous in soil and water.

This green and fire safe installation, the first of its kind, has been made possible with active participation from various OEM's like ABB, Scheinder, Raychem RPG and Cargill. Further, Tata Power would henceforth deploy all its Package Substations with Natural Ester Filled Transformers. The company is in an advanced stage of finalising the design of 33 /11 kV, 20 MVA Power transformers filled with Natural Esters. It regularly carries out safety audits in high footfall areas such as malls, theatres, hospitals, clubs, and educational institutes around Mumbai city.

Source: Tata Power

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