World : El Paso announces 200MW of solar, 100MW of energy storage

El Paso Electric Company, a Texas electric utility, has revealed the winning bids for its 2017 request for proposals, including a total of 200MW of utility-scale solar and 100MW of battery storage.

Announced on Boxing Day, El Paso Electric revealed the winning bids for its competitive 2017 All Source Request for Proposals for Electric Power Supply and Load Management Resources.

The company announced that winning bids included a total of 200MW of utility-scale solar resources, another 100MW of battery storage, and the construction of a 226MW natural-gas unit at the Company’s Newman Power Station.

In addition, El Paso Electric also revealed that it would seek to purchase between 50MW to 150MW of wind and solar generated power.

“These technologies provide a mix of carbon-free renewable and clean burning natural gas generation that will enable us to meet the growing need for power in our region in a safe, clean, reliable, and cost-effective manner,” said Mary Kipp, El Paso Electric President and Chief Executive Officer.

“This balanced combination of resources will work with our existing energy portfolio as we move to retire aging, less efficient plants while continuing to meet our customers’ changing energy needs.”

No specifics were given regarding the solar and battery storage projects, while the natural gas combustion turbine generating unit intended for El Paso Electric’s Newman Power Station is expected to begin operation in 2023 and incur a cost of US$143 million.

The company believes the mixture of technologies awarded contracts in this latest competitive round is representative of its goal of fostering renewable energy development while also expanding its overall energy portfolio with “cost-effective, diverse, and competitive-based energy resources for its customers.”


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Smart Grid Bulletin July 2019

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