World : Mexican President Announces New Gas Distribution Plan

Mexico, Jan 18 (Prensa Latina) Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador announced on Friday the new gas distribution plan and a call to 2,000 drivers who wish to drive the 500 new tanker trucks purchased for that purpose.

He insisted that they move towards normality in the supply of gasoline and overcome the problems because that phenomenon had not been addressed and the least we can say is that there were disregard, indolence, and omissions for a long time. He explained that despite everything the resistance to the battle against theft and attempts and sabotage against the pipelines remains, but even so, we have been able to keep Tuxpan active for some days, the most important duct of all because it supplies 160 liters daily to the city and the state of Mexico.

But there are other pipelines in which we continue to have problems with clandestine leaks, especially those in which the right of way was unfortunately granted, that is, permits for the construction of facilities on top of them that are used to steal fuels.

This invasion of pipeline rights has served to build warehouses that are clandestine distribution centers with all the conditions including the filling of pipes as a company that makes home deliveries.

To put an end to all that, the new distribution plan that includes the purchase of the 500 tankers to increase the capacity of transportation with 200,000 liters per day, that is, 25 percent in relation to the current capacity, but it does not only depend on the pipelines.

Today, he said, the process of hiring 2,000 drivers for land transport begins with the tankers that will be handled by the Ministry of Defense in what we call the M-3 Plan, and the Work Ministry begins today to implement the call and serve the interested parties.


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