World : Norway to have water system evaluated

NORWAY — City officials Monday approved spending $19,250 to document the condition of Norway water system services to comply with a revised Michigan mandate.

GEI Consultants of Michigan will survey city plumbing and other water distribution components to collect data such as pipe materials and age. The report will be included in the city’s asset management plan and must be completed by January 2020.

The state requires a comprehensive inventory of water system services under its new Lead and Copper Rule, finalized in June by the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality. The law, a revision of the Federal Safe Drinking Water Act of 1991, aims to reduce heavy metals in water. It comes in the wake of the Flint water crisis, when unsafe levels of lead were found to have leached from pipes into city drinking water.

While he did not fault GEI Consultants, council member Lee Meneghini expressed frustration with the state, saying, “if you mandate it, damn it, you pay for it.”

City Manager Ray Anderson was more optimistic, noting Norway water quality is among the highest in the area.


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Smart Grid Bulletin July 2019

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