World : City of Russell Awarded CDBG Funds for Water Distribution Improvements

The Kansas Department of Commerce has announced 23 communities will receive federal grants for a variety of community improvement projects, including sewer and water projects, housing rehabilitation and community facilities improvements.

These communities will share a total of $11,019,485 in federal grants.

Through the Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) program, 12 Kansas communities will share a total of $6,806,637 in federal grants for water and sewer projects, two Kansas communities will share $600,000 for housing rehabilitation and nine communities will share $3,612,828 for community facility projects.

The City of Russell is being awarded $600,000 in CDBG funds to make water distribution improvements throughout the city. The city will provide all matching funds themselves in the amount of $893,300.

"Vital public services including water, sewer and community facilities are essential to all communities in Kansas," said Secretary David Toland. "The CDBG grants will help provide the funding needed by these 23 communities to ensure improved quality of life for their residents."

The CDBG program, administered by the Kansas Department of Commerce, provides federal funds to local governments for the development of viable communities by addressing their housing, public facilities and economic development needs. To be awarded funds, local government units must meet at least one of three program objectives:

  • The grant will benefit low and moderate-income persons,
  • The grant will prevent or eliminate slums and blight, or
  • The grant will resolve an urgent need where local resources are not available to do so.

The CDBG funds are one of the Department of Commerce's primary tools in supporting the state's small, predominantly rural communities.


Source :

Smart Grid Bulletin July 2019

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