World : Space10's SolarVille project proposes communities generate and share energy

IKEA's research lab Space10 has crafted a miniature wooden village to demonstrate how communities could create their own circular clean energy system. 

The proposal uses solar panels and blockchain technology to create a functioning energy system via a neighbour-to-neighbour trading scheme.

Space10 and architecture practice SachsNottveit brought the idea to life with blockchain experts BLOC, Blocktech and WeMoveIdeas, which would allow small towns to make and share their own affordable, renewable energy.

The installation is a working prototype of a village, called SolarVille, built to a 1:50 scale. It comprises a series of miniature wooden houses illuminated by an overhanging lamp to imitate the sun.

"Our design approach was to turn a very complicated, technical project into something familiar, approachable and playful," said SachsNottveit co-founder Anders Nottveit.


Source :

Smart Grid Bulletin May 2019

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