India : Delhi Jal Board's new Data Acquisition Centre inaugurated

The Data Acquisition Centre of the Delhi Jal Board was inaugurated on Saturday by Vice Chairman Dinesh Mohaniya, in the presence of other senior officials.

The Data Acquisition centre will help in analysing the data of water as well as other critical hydraulic parameters for strengthening water networks across Delhi.

"With 10 water treatment plants, 120 primary reservoirs, 192 tappings, and more than 600 secondary reservoirs, Delhi Jal Board has a huge water network within Delhi and for the management and complete water audit of such huge network such a centre is necessary," a press statement read.

The Centre would also provide real-time data of 3000+ strategic distribution nodes and would facilitate measurement of water quantity and pressure at strategic points such as outlets of water treatment plants, Rising mains, inlet/outlets of primary and secondary reservoirs and pumping stations

The project of installation of flow meters is divided into two stages, including the primary water audit and secondary water audit. In the first stage, water supply is carried out by installing flow meters at the outlet of all water treatment plants, tappings, and inlet of all primary reservoirs.

"The work undertaken under the first stage has already been completed where around 360 plus flow meters have been installed," the statement read.

The system can also be utilised for remote monitoring by the concerned engineers on a web-enabled platform. The project further aims to carry out a complete water audit starting from the outlet of water treatment plants up to the consumer's end.

"The Board has started the work of installation of flow meters at inlet and outlets of primary and secondary reservoirs and various tapings across Delhi. Delhi Jal Board is committed towards providing sustainable water distribution management to all parts of the national capital.


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Smart Grid Bulletin May 2019

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