NIPP Mobility Challenge aims to foster innovative collaboration between startups and corporates through solutions for travel, transportation and communication

Rapid advances in technology have turned the world into a global village, with a seamless flow of people, goods, capital, information and ideas. One of the key enablers of this trend is mobility, which includes travel, transportation and communication.

No advancement comes without challenges and the Mobility Challenge from NASSCOM Industry Partnership Program (NIPP) aims to address these pain points through innovative solutions. The first-of-its-kind challenge, which started in April and will run till June 2019, aims to foster engagement between corporate and innovative technology ventures, and provide emerging solutions for existing industry problems. The event will also pave the way for a comprehensive forum for enterprises and startups to collaborate on new opportunities from ideation to execution.

Driving innovation through partnerships between corporates and startups

A programme designed to foster sustained engagement between large corporates and innovative tech ventures across India, NIPP is the country’s largest industry-backed corporate innovation programme. Driven by the mantra ‘Co-innovate via Partnerships’, in the four years since it was launched, the programme has nurtured over 1,700 B2B startups and has helped in the creation of more than 150 Proof of Concepts (PoCs) and pilots. NIPP has tied up with partners across industries including TiE Mumbai, Unilever, and Wipro

The programme chiefly focuses on startups working in emerging technologies, and provides them with guidance at every stage, from ideation, pilots and PoCs, joint product development, industry connects, investments to go to market, IP, and talent acquisition. NIPP aims to build an ecosystem of global innovation through mentorships, workshops, expert reviews and events, such as the Mobility Challenge.

The Challenge aims to identify the most innovative and scalable solutions in Logistics, Transport, and Telecom, and drive startups to explore opportunities in the target sectors, foster collaboration between large corporates and start-ups in India and explore opportunities for co-creating innovative solutions, PoCs, pilots and solving problems.


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Smart Grid Bulletin October 2019

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