World : The Road to Renewables: New energy storage facility slated for Chateaugay

New York Power Authority announced this week it’s spending nearly $30 million on an energy storage facility in Chateaugay in Franklin County. The investment is part of the state’s effort to rely more on renewable energy.

According to NYPA, more than 80% of the electricity people use in northern New York comes from renewable sources, including hydropower, wind, and solar power.

“One thing we do is we produce a lot of energy in Chateaugay," says Don Bilow, Town Supervisor of Chateaugay. “We’ve got two wind farms and some hydro plants.”

When Governor Andrew Cuomo announced his Green New Deal earlier this year, he set his sights on New York State as a whole being more like Chateaugay, more like the North County. Cuomo wants 70% of the state’s electricity to be renewable by 2030 and in June the state legislature passed a law requiring that. 

But there’s a major hurdle to achieving that goal— most renewable sources don’t always produce a steady, reliable supply of electricity. That is why the NYPA announced this week its building an energy storage facility in Chateaugay.


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Smart Grid Bulletin July 2019

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