Leveraging Next Generation Reasoning for Prognostics and Health Management of the Smart Grid

Leveraging Next Generation Reasoning for Prognostics and Health Management of the Smart Grid

With the complexity of the evolving Smart Grid, operators equipped with improved real-time situational awareness will have an advantage in maintaining grid stability while still providing a modern, adaptable network.

To achieve this high level of situational awareness, organizations are advised to incorporate advanced reasoning and prediction to manage these fast-changing systems. The complexity of grid management, the speed of technology development, the dynamic nature of electric power supply and demand each of these contribute to the necessity for applying advanced reasoning capabilities that provide more flexibility to developers and users. Such advanced capabilities allow for leveraging all available information, enabling accurate predictions of future conditions and availability, and incorporating the necessary knowledge for making high level decisions. Object-oriented, model-based reasoning systems have already demonstrated value within the PHM community for handling such complexity.

UReason is excited to be leveraging its decades of experience in real-time reasoning systems gained in industries like Chemical, Oil and Gas, Manufacturing, Power Generation and Infrastructure. Our recent success in surveillance and diagnostic projects for upstream oil and gas lend themselves well to similar projects in grid surveillance, early event detection and root-cause analysis, says Jules Oudmans, UReason International.

By participating in the Prognostics and Health Management Society and its annual conferences, participants get exposure to cross industry leaders. These experts bring deep experience in building, deploying and maintaining complex mission critical systems. And by sharing experiences and best practices, the state of the art for applications designed to maximize operational availability and provide improved situational awareness is advanced.

Source: Virtual Strategy Magazine

SMART GRID Bulletin March 2018

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