An Australian state with and abundance of renewable energy has unveiled a plan to become a leading global exporter of certified green hydrogen.

South Australia is already a world leader in wind, solar and battery storage to the point where excess renewable energy is often shed during peak production periods.

The South Australian Government today released its Hydrogen Action Plan in a bid to use that cheap renewable energy to generate hydrogen, which can be used as fuel or to generate electricity at a later time and place.

South Australian Premier Steven Marshall used his opening address at the International Conference on Hydrogen Safety in Adelaide this morning to launch the plan.

He said while other jurisdictions were looking at non-renewable hydrogen as a steppingstone to renewable hydrogen, South Australia was well placed to move straight to certified renewable hydrogen.

“In doing so, South Australia can be a trusted, long-term trading partner who shares the values of the hydrogen economy,” Premier Marshall said.

“We are ready to go on renewable green hydrogen and to develop a clean and safe hydrogen supply chain in South Australia, which gives confidence to consumers and investors.

“Green hydrogen will fast move from being an alternative fuel to being a mainstream zero carbon fuel, becoming increasingly cost competitive with traditional generation.”


Source :

Smart Grid Bulletin September 2019

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