World : The future of energy storage is here: An inside look at Rocky Mountain Power's 600-battery DR project

The 12.6 MWh Utah project uses solar and battery systems as a virtual power plant.

SALT LAKE CITY — The first residents of an all-electric and energy efficient community — the largest residential battery demand response project in the United States — are settling into new apartments. Their cars are tucked neatly beneath solar panel covers and their electric cars can plug into charging ports. Inside each apartment in the Soleil Lofts development, a Sonnen battery is humming silently close to their living room.

The residents sign on knowing their backup power can be controlled by the utility and dispatched to the grid as needed. The circular logo on the Sonnen system will turn green to tell residents when the battery's power is being used by the local utility, Rocky Mountain Power.


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Smart Grid Bulletin September 2019

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