World : Fossil fuel plant in England will get 250MWh liquid air energy storage makeover from Highview Power

UK liquid air energy storage (LAES) start-up Highview Power said its first ever 250MWh ‘Cryobattery’ installation will be placed at the site of a decommissioned thermal power plant in the North of England and could be Europe’s largest 'battery' system when completed.

The company is a designer and manufacturer of liquid air energy storage (LAES) systems and claims that the technology enables the safe and reliable storage of energy at large scale and long durations, without requiring significant scale-up in costs. Company CEO Javier Cavada wrote a technical paper about the LAES systems and their economic appeal for our journal PV Tech Power earlier this year.

Highview has been in the public eye over the past few months after in June reported that several 50MW / 250MWh sites are in development in the company’s homeland, as well as the potential for development in the US.

“We will start construction next year, we have commenced agreements, we have the firm services to be provided to National Grid and it will be the largest battery system in Europe at 250MWh,” Highview Power’s Javier Cavada told yesterday. 


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Smart Grid Bulletin October 2019

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