World : Amazon announces three new renewable energy projects, including its first in Scotland

  • Amazon’s Director of Sustainability says the tech giant is “committed to minimizing our carbon emissions.” 
  • Amazon is one of many global firms looking to power operations using renewable sources of energy.

Amazon announced three renewable energy projects on Thursday, saying it was committed to minimizing carbon emissions following criticism earlier this year.

The tech giant said the facilities would provide energy to its Amazon Web Services data centers. 

A wind farm, with a max capacity of 50 megawatts (MW), will be situated on Scotland’s Kintyre Peninsula and is expected to produce 168,000 megawatt hours (MWh) of energy each year. Amazon said the facility could power the equivalent of 46,000 U.K. homes and would be the U.K.’s “largest corporate wind power purchase agreement.”

Additionally, two solar projects in North Carolina and Virginia will amount to 215 MW of total capacity, with Amazon expecting them to produce 500,997 MWh per year. The projects announced Thursday are expected to start generating energy in 2021. They are not owned by the company, but it says its commitment to purchase their output enables the projects to be built.

In a statement issued Thursday, Amazon’s Director of Sustainability Kara Hurst said the firm was “committed to minimizing our carbon emissions and reaching 80% renewable energy use across the company by 2024.”

In June, Amazon was one of more than 700 firms targeted by 88 investors “for not reporting environmental information.” The aim of the investors was to push businesses such as Amazon to disclose information via the CDP, a not-for-profit platform which enables companies to divulge environmental performance data.


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Smart Grid Bulletin October 2019

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