4 ways smarter cities will transform the way we live

4 ways smarter cities will transform the way we live

Where are our cities headed in the future? What can we expect from the long sought after "smart cities"? Can we really expect anything different?

If big data has anything to do with it, we certainly can. We've already seen tremendous strides over the last 20 years in creating more energy efficiency, cleaner air, better transportation and improved security, but it's only a small fraction of what we can expect to see in the future with big data.

Big data can have such a tremendous influence on cities across the world because of its ability to gather and analyze tremendous amounts of information in mere seconds. Areas that have traditionally been inefficient (think energy, traffic and water management) can now be drastically changed and improved through big data technology.

With the continued decrease in the startup price for big data and the increasing ease with which people unfamiliar with the technology can begin using it, it's getting easier and easier for cities to implement. Cloud computing abilities, like Hadoop in the cloud, are simplifying the entire process. It's not just the big cities that are going to be making these tremendous advancements either. Small cities too, will be able to use the technology to make a difference.

The best thing about smarter cities is that they not only provide more efficiency, but they also decrease the cost of services which allows the cities to cut operating costs while improving other services.

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