Sensus FlexNet Named Best Smart Grid Solution

Sensus FlexNet Named Best Smart Grid Solution

At the recent Municipal Smart Grid Summit (MSGS) Sensuss advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) product portfolio received the Best Smart Grid Solution award. The technology features the FlexNet communication system, a long-range radio network that communicates via primary-use Federal Communications Commission licensed spectrum.

The summit featured smart grid technology companies presenting to more than one hundred municipal utility executives from across the country. During the presentations, utility executives discussed AMI, demand response (DR), distribution automation (DA), data analytics, smart cities, and critical infrastructure protection.

The Sensus FlexNet technology provides a dedicated and secure two-way communications highway that requires lower network operational and maintenance costs while providing more range and endpoint connectivity than mesh networks.

Sensus vice-president of marketing Randolph Wheatley says, The utility industry is demanding more from its communication infrastructure. In response, we are increasing capacity for applications that require more data and real-time response and control.

The FlexNet can also dedicate distinct channels to specific applications significantly reducing the latency that can occur when multiple applications share the same channel. According to Sensus, Delivering data faster is more than just the speed of transferwith the FlexNet system, utilities can prioritize time-sensitive applications such as distribution automation, remote shut off and demand response and ensure that these applications are not forced to compete with other network traffic.

Wheatly adds: Data delivery rates have become especially important during outages. The FlexNet system has been proven to help our customers reduce the amount of time it takes to restore service.

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